New Wells


Benefits of the Ωmega System for new wells


The Ωmega Production System significantly reduces system deployment labor costs.  Many turnkey individual well installations can be completed by one trained technician within 2-3 hours*.  Moreover, the unsightly and environmentally harmful above-ground pump jack is eliminated and replaced with a simple well-head assembly.  The potential for vandalized or stolen equipment is greatly diminished.


Reduced maintenance, elimination of workover rig, reduced deployment cost and no chemical treatments for corrosion all add up to a better solution and faster returns.  In addition, the costs to move fluid (crude oil and water) to the surface are virtually cut in half.


The Ωmega Production System allows the operator to “set it and forget it;” saving time and unnecessary expenses for upkeep and relocation.


Additional value added benefits in deploying the Ωmega Production System.


  • No further expenses to replace rods, tubing, pumps, motors, belts and equipment maintenance.
  • The Omega Production System means never having to pay to repair or replace any part of the Omega Production System once installed.
  • No anti-corrosion chemicals needed.
  • No above ground “unsightly” equipment such as pump jacks.
  • Completely silent operation, only one moving part (submersible pump/motor) vs rods, motor, pump, gearbox, saddle bearing, tail bearing, pitman arms, etc., in a conventional pumping unit.
  • Very low cost and time to relocate equipment and deploy in new well.  (2 hours to retrieve and deploy system in different wellbore as opposed to a minimum 2 days to pull rods, tubing and relocate pump jack to new location)*
  • Approximately 50% of the cost of moving fluid on a per barrel basis.


* assuming power and flowline already available and new location