Success Stories

The patented tubing equipped with an ESP and motor have been producing oil in Texas, Kansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Oklahoma for the past 3 years. Deployment depths range from 410 ft to 1750 ft and employ a wide range of pump and motor combinations based on the daily fluid moving requirements and available power on site. Operators have enjoyed the benefits of reduced lease operating costs, elimination of work over rig needs, and a tubing string that will not leak, corrode or break.


To date there have been no equipment issues.


Field applications have most installations in a permanent setting, but others have relocated the production string multiple times with the same exemplary results. In more than 1000+ installation/ retrievals, the tubing string has maintained its integrity and never needed to be fished.


  • Bringing Abandoned & Orphaned Wells Back On-line. Caddo Parish, Louisiana, A field with over 150 unequipped wells and numerous others in orphaned status was brought back on line using the patented tubing to quickly asses which well bores were candidates for permanent installation. There was no well bore preparation done prior to running this system. Accumulated sand and scale knocked off the casing was fluidized when running the system for the first time. The ability to relocate was measured in minutes rather than days saving the operator thousands of dollars in workover rig costs.


  • Zero Maintenance Required, Two Years and Counting. A production string installed to a depth of 820 ft running a 16 GPM pump 24/7 has never required a service call or gone off line. The operator stated “If I had my druthers, I would rip out all my pump jacks and install this system”


  • Corrosion Issue Solved. Missouri. A small independent producer with severe corrosion issues was replacing tubing every 60-90 days.  The patented production string does not leak, break, or corrode. An overall savings of time, material, aggravation, and cash is the result.


  • EOR Program Accelerated. Kentucky. In a field with huge paraffin and inflow restriction issues, a large operator had a workover rig engaged full time to prepare their wells for formation optimization and stimulation. The extent of utilizing this program was hampered by the labor intensive and slow task of pulling rods. The ability to remove production equipment and have the well treated in less than an hour has increased their run tickets substantially and accelerated the EOR program.


  • Corrosion Issue and high water cut.  Texas.  From taking days to pump off a well, the system was able to pump the well off in hours and produce 40+ barrels of oil within a 36 hour period and solve the sever corrosion issues.


  • Repeat Business Says It All. United States. Many operators are cautious and adopt new production equipment and methodology in a “crawl, walk, run” manner. Over 90% of all shallow producers who have tested the production tubing have adopted this method of production.