Shallow Production Solutions is a hard-working, driven, and dedicated team united by a commitment to Safety, Quality, and Excellence in all that we do. Our shared objective is to responsibly deliver the next generation of shallow production solutions.  We provide a premium cost-effective solution that was developed based on more than 20 years of field experience by industry professionals. We deliver superior reliability and focus on real time feedback from our system.  Our company, our team members, and our products are truly “Ahead of the Curve."  Whether you are a customer looking for the shallow production solution for your wells or an individual or company looking to joint venture with a team to provide you a complete solution for your existing and future wells, consider Shallow Production Solutions, Inc.


Shallow Production Solution's innovative Ωmega Production System drew on more than two decades of oil industry experience to pioneer the best possible solution for shallow wells. Full production of the Ωmega Production System is now underway, bringing to market a product that couples the best features of flexible pipe with performance superior to existing steel tubing and virtually no ongoing maintenance costs.