Joint Venture Opportunities

We are also looking for joint venture opportunities to install our Ωmega Production System in wells that are either existing wells or new drills.


Existing Wells

If you have existing wellbores that are not equipped, wells that have equipment requiring expensive corrosion and chemical treatment but still capable of producing 1 Bopd, we would like to show you how our Ωmega Production System can solve most if not all of your problems.  Read more...


New Wells

If you are looking to equip new wells, undertake a drilling program and want the latest technology available, no upfront Capital Expenditure costs (CAPEX), no surface equipment and be able to budget exact monthly operating costs, then contact us about our Ωmega Production System.


We are looking to joint venture with mineral or lease owners who want to maximize their production by being able to reduce or eliminate their upfront CAPEX costs.  If your new wells are able to produce 1 Bopd or more and wish to undertake an in-field drilling program, we want to joint venture with you.  Read more...



What are the benefits to forming a joint venture with us?

No upfront Capital Expenditure

No monthly system maintenance costs

24/7 remote monitoring of wells

All equipment repairs or replacement provided and undertaken by qualified technicians

Workover rigs no longer required to remove rods, pump and tubing

No more surface equipment at wellbore