Shallow Production Solution


The Ωmega Production System


In recognizing the problems facing many operators and producers in the oil industry, we set out to find solutions for the production of shallow wells.


Our goal was to develop a complete turnkey system that was cost effective and quick to deploy with little to none, ongoing maintenance costs.  A solution that could eliminate many of the costs and headaches associated with the cost of producing oil.  We also wanted to address the landowner concerns with large equipment being transported onto their property to maintain the oil wells along with trying to eliminate as much surface equipment as possible.  Pumpjacks are considered an eyesore by many landowners and can be hazardous, as they have proven deadly to cattle and people in some instances.

After acquiring the exclusive rights to the patented tubing string and deployment spooler, Shallow Production Solutions built upon existing relationships and formed new strategic alliances with the world’s leading manufacturers to create the Ωmega Production System.


The Ωmega Production System is made of the following components:

  • Patented tubing string
  • Submersible pump and motor
  • Wellhead
  • System Controller
  • Communications Interface
  • Remote Management
  • Deployment Spooler


At the heart of the system is the patented umbilical construction that incorporates an engineered flexible polymeric hose and power cable with a stainless steel tension line into an integrated system. This lightweight system combines the efficiency of an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) with the ease of installation and corrosion resistance of a continuous production string.  The Ωmega Production System can be deployed quickly and safely by one skilled technician. This patented umbilical can be used as a turnkey replacement for a conventional pump jack and replaces rods and tubing. It also eliminates the need for a workover rig and corrosion treatments.



The patented tubing product has undergone years of rigorous testing both in the field and by Parker Hannifin, a world leader in flexible tubing technologies.  

Testing was undertaken within the laboratory for a minimum requirement of 100,000 cycles.  The hose assemblies not only passed, but all tests resulted in no failures of any hoses during the testing. 

Field testing was performed whereby the tubing was tested to simulate both “drop it and leave it” applications for a period of no less than 6 months including 60 cycles, simulating 30 years of service, all of which resulted in no failures.  Further field testing simulated 400 years of mechanical wear with no issues or failures.


Remote Management 

To further set the Ωmega Production System apart from what is offered by convention production systems, we are introducing a comprehensive real-time management system along with each well install.  


Remote Management is provided through an internet-based remote monitoring, management and reporting system for pump installations on an individual well basis. It provides remote access to data and alarms from pumps, pump controllers and auxiliary equipment like sensors and meters. Data from pump installations is transferred to a central database and published on a secure web server to allow access from any Internet connected computer or handheld device.



  • Low insulation resistance
  • High motor temperature
  • Overload/underload
  • Overvoltage/undervoltage
  • Phase sequence reversal
  • Excessive restarts
  • Phase missing
  • Power factor high/low
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Run and start capacitor low



  • Energy consumption
  • Operation time
  • Number of starts
  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Power consumption



  • Pump down
  • Alarm reset


The Ωmega Production System provides complete hands on, real time data to the operator eliminating labor cost and information lag times. Shallow Production Solutions is not only your Ωmega Production System supplier, we are your eyes and ears in the field, monitoring the equipment 24/7 and maximizing cash flow.


Deployment Spooler

Another major component to the Ωmega Production System, is the deployment spooler.



Our patented Deployment Spooler allows us to remove the entire tubing system, pump and motor from the well, switch out either the pump or motor or both and re-install the entire tubing system within 45 minutes.

On a traditional rod pump system this would require a workover rig and crew to remove all the rods and tubing to replace the pump, normally a one to two day process.

Our Deployment Spooler is able to be transported behind a full size pickup truck and reach remote wells in inclement weather on muddy roads, which is very difficult and sometimes impossible with a large workover rig.