1.  Equipping a Well

The Ωmega Production System is completely installed and remote equipment configured by our trained technicians. Requirements from the lease operator are power at the wellhead for the system. Supply and hook up of flow lines are the responsibility of the operator.


2.  Depth, Temperature, and pressure Limitations

The Ωmega Production System tubing maintains a 4:1 safety factor. Maximum temperature rating is 250F. Burst pressure is 2000 psi.


3.  Fluid Production per day

The Ωmega Production System can move up 700+ barrels of fluid per day depending on oil cut, gravity, and the pump and motor combination.


4.  Maintenance Costs

Included with the Ωmega Production System is routine service and all maintenance costs for the system.  


5.  Warranty

The Ωmega Production System carries an industry first in that all routine maintenace, repairs and replacemet parts are included and replaced at no charge.


6.  How long will the pumps last?

ESP’s will typically last 2-4 years in 24/7 service. If the formation is yielding lots of fines the pump life may be reduced, however, all replacement pumps are covered under the Ωmega Production System warranty.