Ωmega Pro Sod 100

ΩMEGA PRO SOD 100 is a performance product designed as a slop oil demulsifier for breaking water-in-oil emulsions primarily in tank bottoms.

ΩMEGA PRO SOD 100 is a highly active biodegradable product containing oil soluble/water dispersible surface active agents and bio-based, biodegradable solvents.

• Effectively breaks slop oil/tank bottom emulsions facilitating the recovery of high value crude.
• Highly effective when crude oil emulsions contain sediment and other solids such as paraffin and asphaltenes.
• Difficult to over treat unlike many other demulsifiers.
• Also can be used to de-sludge pipelines using batch or continuous injection and refinery generated waste oils.
• Can be used as a paraffin dispersant in downhole application.


Ωmega Pro SOD 100 is effective in breaking emulsions in surface tanks and lines and can also be applied downhole to disperse paraffin crystals. In a typical tank treatment Ωmega PRO SOD 100 is batch treated at 200 to 800 ppm based on the total volume of fluid in the tank. Add the appropriate amount of product while mixing and continue mixing for a minimum of 2 hours to insure the product is homogeneous throughout the tank. Once mixed the tank should be left undisturbed until the emulsion breaks.