Rental Program

Cash Flow comparison between Pumpjack System and Ωmega Production System producing at a depth of 1,000 feet, based on 2014 new equipment costs.  By installing the Ωmega Production System, there are No upfront costs, a 30 day no obligation trial period and no long term committments. We are so confident in our system that we are convinced that once you have the system installed and see the many benefits and cost savings of using the system you will no longer utilize the Pumpjack System on your shallow wells.


Single Well Cash Flow comparison between Pumpjack System and Ωmega Production System



In fact, extrapolating this further out to 20 years, the Ωmega Production System will continue to provide higher monthly cash flow than a traditional pumpjack system.



The costs used in this study are for representative lease operations with new equipment being provided for production of fluid from a depth of 1,000ft.  Monthly costs were based on the following:

Daily production 1 Bopd (100% working interest)

Oil Price $65.00

Annual maintenance of rod pump system averaged over annual period at $200 per month and electricity at $125 per month, all other taxes and monthly costs which would be the exact same regardless of the system used were eliminated for comparison purposes.  Electrical costs for the Ωmega Production System were $69 per month.

No corrosion or paraffin treatment costs included in pumpjack system costs as this varies based on producing formation and would need to be taken into account.