System Comparisons



Pump Jack System

The recovery of oil from wells using pump jack rods and metal tubing is costly, inefficient, and environmentally hazardous. The frequent repair and maintenance of pump jacks require the use of a workover rig; which can often be expensive, time consuming and dangerous to operate. In addition to these challenges, this system has the potential to leak fluid into the environment and is susceptible to corrosion.


Ωmega Production System

The patented umbilical construction incorporates an engineered flexible polymeric hose and power cable with a stainless steel tension line into an integrated system. This lightweight system powers an Electric Submersible Pump (ESP), and can be deployed quickly and safely by one skilled technician. The patented umbilical can be used as a turnkey replacement for a conventional pump jack and replaces rods and tubing. It also eliminates the need for a workover rig and corrosion treatments.


  PumpJack System Ωmega System
  Number of moving parts 27 1
  Silent operation
  Time required to pull and replace system* 1-2 days 1 hour
  Number of workers required replace system 4-5 1
  Time to relocate equipment to a new well 2-3 days 2 hours
  Paraffin build up in tubing string
  Depth limitation No 2,000ft
  Maintenance costs to replace rods and tubing
  Maintenance costs to replace pump and motor
  Belts to replace
  Need to lubricate equipment on regular basis
  “Set it and Forget it installation”
  Includes 24/7 Remote Monitoring
  Sends notification when maintenance required
  Able to remotely adjust system parameters
  Receive system status notifications 24/7
  Repair and Replacement warranty on System

* based on 1,000 ft well