System Components

The Ωmega Production System


In recognizing the problems facing many operators and producers in the oil industry, we set out to find solutions for the production of shallow wells.

Our goal was to develop a complete turnkey system that was cost effective and quick to deploy with little to no, ongoing maintenance costs.  A solution that could eliminate many of the costs and headaches associated with the cost of producing oil.  We also wanted to address the landowner concerns with large equipment being transported onto their property to maintain the oil wells along with trying to eliminate as much surface equipment as possible. Pumpjacks are considered an eyesore by many landowners and can be hazardous, as they have proven deadly to cattle and people in some instances.

After acquiring the exclusive rights to the patented tubing string and deployment spooler, Shallow Production Solutions built upon existing relationships and formed new strategic alliances with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to create the Ωmega Production System.


The Ωmega Production System is made of the following components:

  • Patented tubing string
  • Submersible pump and motor
  • Wellhead
  • System Controller
  • Communications Interface
  • Remote Management
  • Deployment Spooler