System Controller


The System controller is capable of monitoring the operation of any pump. The controller covers the range from 3 to 999 amps as well as voltages from 100 to 480 VAC and is easily set up in a few minutes.

The controller allows us to gain insight into the operational characteristic of the pump, its current consumption and the stability of the electricity supply by following trend data in the system.



Our system includes an electronic motor protector, developed to bring you pump protection that is reliable and simple, but also easy to use, install and set up.


The motor protection unit monitors the following parameters:

  • Insulation resistance before start-up
  • Temperature (Tempcon, Pt sensor and PTC/thermal switch)
  • Overload/underload
  • Overvoltage/undervoltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Phase missing
  • Power factor
  • Power consumption
  • Harmonic distortion
  • Run and start capacitor (single-phase)
  • Operating hours and number of starts



The motor protection unit monitor provides trouble-free operation and can be set up in the field in just a few minutes.