Well Testing

The Omega Production System’s ability to rapidly deploy is further exemplified when assessing prospective well bore candidates, and as such, we do provide well testing services.

Many operators needing equipment, further need a detailed ‘snap shot’ of the well conditions prior to equipping the well.

In a field having historic production, but no current production data available to accurately size the Omega Production System pump and motor, well testing is required.

Our well testing service allows the operator to determine if the well bore requires any preparatory work performed. (such as sand pumping, repairing casing leaks, debris in well bore, re-perforating, etc)

Rapidly deployment and the ability to produce fluid at an accelerated rate (we realize efficiencies between 5 and 24 times greater than a conventional pumpjack, depth dependant), gives a quick and detailed overview of each well.

Shallow Production Solutions may also make recommendations regarding optimization or stimulation options available in fields that are high in produced paraffin and ashphaltenes.

(These coincide with an examination of prior treatment protocols when viewed against the backdrop of actual flow and oil percentage data that the Mobile Test Trailer gathers.)

Non-producing well testing enables Shallow Production Solutions and the operator to reach an informed decision as to well economic viability.

Utilizing various testing equipment on our Mobile Production Trailer, we test the following parameters:

  • Total Depth
  • Standing Fluid Level
  • Casing Anomalies/ Leaks
  • Verify Perforated Zone
  • Daily Fluid Moving Requirements
  • Oil/ water Cut
  • Site Power Requirements